New Braintree eCommerce Platform Integrations

At Braintree, we pride ourselves on being a constant stream of innovation. We’ve built new payment method integrations that help increase conversions, offer advanced fraud tools that help lower risk, introduce ways to minimize a merchant’s PCI footprint that help reduce costs, and so much more all within one simple, yet robust integration. However, we recognize that a custom integration isn’t always an option for many merchants, which need specific platform integrations to popular eCommerce platforms. Accordingly, we're pleased to announce two amazing additions to our family of eCommerce platform integrations: Demandware and NetSuite.

We feel that our new Demandware and NetSuite integrations will bring payments innovation to larger eCommerce merchants that need payments to work seamlessly with these two incredible platforms.

Until now, processing options have been limited to some of the
more traditional players in the payments space, cutting off access to the more advanced features that leaders in eCommerce are embracing. By combining a gateway and payments processing into one solution, we can offer Hosted Fields (PCI SAQ A-level compliance), PayPal acceptance, advanced tokenization and vault features, integrated fraud solutions (including an integration to Kount), 3DSecure, multi-currency support, and multiple capture options. We do all of this while retaining the main feature that Braintree was founded on -- providing excellent personalized customer service and support.

We’re not stopping here, either. Expect to hear about more integrations with other major eCommerce platforms soon. And the future is certainly not set in stone -- drop us a line in the comments below and let us know what you’d like to see next!

In the meantime, poke around at all of the third-party integrations we feature.

Pat Brown & George Eliopoulos Pat & George manage the sales teams at Braintree. They've spent the past 15 years working with large businesses and live to bring innovation to payments. They like to sweat the small stuff. More posts by this author

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