More Committed Than Ever

 Late yesterday, a press article speculated that Braintree is shopping our business around in search of an acquirer. I’m not going to comment directly on rumors or speculation that others are generating to benefit whatever agenda they may have.

What I will tell you is that the Braintree team and I have never been more committed to and excited about our vision for the company and the opportunity in front of us. We dared to innovate in this space when others did not. We built a platform catering to developers before it was cool. We built great mobile tools years before the rest of the market believed e-commerce would work on mobile. We gave start-ups access to sophisticated payment tools like foreign currency, one-touch purchasing, fraud tools for merchants of all sizes, and an end-to-end mobile marketplace to fuel the sharing economy, when others were scared away by the complexity of the payments ecosystem. And by adding Venmo, we're pushing beyond merchant payment processing to also transform the consumer experience.

As a result of all these efforts, our business is very strong. We now handle more than $10 billion in commerce transactions per year and we’ve doubled our growth in less than 12 months.  Our monthly customer sign-ups have grown by 10x in the last year.  We’ve launched in 40 new countries in the last 8 months with many more to come.

The Braintree team and I are intent on creating a payments platform that will change the way commerce is conducted around the world. We want companies, entrepreneurs and developers to have easy access to the payment tools they need to build great businesses and we want consumers to have beautiful commerce experiences. Along with that, we believe everyone should expect fantastic customer service. Everything we do will support that vision.

This is the future we're building together for our customers and the world and we're just getting started.

Bill Ready

CEO, Braintree

Bill Ready Bill is the SVP, Global Head of Merchant and Next-Gen Commerce at PayPal. Previously, Ready was the CEO of Braintree, leading the company through the 2013 acquisition by PayPal for $800 million. More posts by this author

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