LiquidSpace Taps Braintree To Help Revolutionize The Definition of an Office

Today we hear from guest blogger Mark Gilbreath, CEO of LiquidSpace, a San Francisco-based company transforming how enterprises and individuals define the workspace.

What does your office look like? Is it a cubicle? A coffee shop? Your friend’s basement? Thanks to the proliferation of tablets, smartphones, and cloud-hosted software, the boundaries of the traditional office space have become fluid. More often, individuals have the freedom to choose where and when they want to work.

At LiquidSpace, we connect people with workspaces; from hotel meeting rooms to an extra desk in a high-rise. Whether you’re a frequent traveler or simply want to leave work to get work done, you can search our marketplace of workspaces through our mobile app or website, pinpoint your perfect environment and confirm the reservation immediately.

We launched in 2010 as a consumer service and within a year we had enterprise companies knocking on our door. Employers wanted to give their mobile workforce the choice and convenience of finding the right workspace. Even at large companies, people only spend about 35 percent of the time working at their desks; the rest of the time they’re on the go, whether down the hall in a meeting room with colleagues or working on the road.

In response to this need, we developed enterprise solutions to support professionals everywhere that they work - on-site at their companies and on the road. So, with LiquidSpace, an employee could find and book a meeting room down the hall and through the very same interface see workspace and meeting space that might be across the street, across town, or across the country.

We knew that our platform needed to be built to a higher standard in terms of security, reporting and controls to satisfy the needs of enterprise clients. Braintree was instrumental in this. They were able to meet our enterprise-level requirements in PCI compliance and client-side encryption, reducing the risk of data exposure. The Braintree brand enhances our credibility as a secure platform.

Braintree also fit into our plans for continued international expansion. Its capacity to seamlessly process different currencies also made it a single service provider that can support us globally. For our end users, it also provides an “invisible” payment experience that’s flexible to fit many customer needs, from recurring payments to managing refunds.

In today’s work environment, enterprises recognize that an office revolves around the people, not the desk. As our customer base of enterprises expands, partnering with Braintree for payments helps give us the credibility we need to close deals with enterprises even faster.

Jay Parekh Jay is Director of BD, focusing on product partnerships such as PayPal One Touch, Apple Pay, and Android Pay, and driving merchant adoption of key strategic initiatives. More posts by this author

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