Launching UnionPay as a Way to Pay

Updated November 16, 2016

At Braintree, we are focused on driving the future of commerce forward by expanding our diverse portfolio of products that lets our merchants expand their reach by accepting any payment method their customers want to use. As part of this strategy, we also look at ways to expand the borders of our global commerce by offering the solutions that put customer choice and experience ahead of everything else.

We are excited to announce that starting today, Braintree merchants in most European countries will be able to accept UnionPay through Braintree’s SDK. With just a few lines of code, merchants can quickly integrate both Union Pay credit and, for the first time, debit cards, into their checkout process.

Bloomberg projected that Chinese shoppers will spend approximately $118 Billion on cross-border transactions this year alone, marking a 31.4% increase from 2015.1 As China’s most dominant card with over 5.44B supported cards in circulation, UnionPay will help merchants actively participate in this growing economy by unlocking access to the 4.1B debit cards Braintree reaches.

Our offering of UnionPay is one of a kind. We uniquely designed it to remove friction in the checkout process by eliminating traditional page redirections that significantly hurt conversion. We also give Braintree merchants the ability to reach Chinese shoppers wherever they are, securely, through our robust tokenization capabilities. This easy and seamless integration gives buyers confidence especially when buying cross-border, ultimately encouraging repeat purchases and increasing sales.

Accepting UnionPay through Braintree consists of an easy one-time enrollment, and from then on, the experience is seamless. Simply put: we provide the APIs that allow our merchants to design the experience exactly the way they want it without having to worry about anything else -- something that we always strive to offer. Beauty company Escentual is amongst the first Braintree merchants to integrate UnionPay via Braintree.

If you would like to learn more about accepting UnionPay as a payment method, check out our site or contact us directly.

Rose Jen Rose is a Wallet Payments PM, focusing on building new payment options such as Apple Pay, Android Pay, Venmo, etc. She enjoys nature, traveling, and fine dining. More posts by this author

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