Jane.com Sees Immediate Uptick in Revenue after Integrating with v.zero

Today we hear from Mike McEwan, CEO of Jane.com. Based in Lehi, Utah, Jane.com is a daily boutique deal marketplace. The service that we provide allows sellers to sell their products in bulk, which also as a side benefits streamlines their fulfillment process.

Over the past several years, we started seeing two big trends that really impacted our business. First, we noticed the trend toward mobile. Our customers were increasingly accessing our website via mobile devices, but we didn’t have a mobile app and our responsive site hadn't been updated in awhile. As a result, the customer experience was less than optimal and our sales began to decline. Second, we increasingly heard from our customers that they wanted to pay via PayPal -- many of our customers trusted the PayPal brand and liked the more seamless payment experience PayPal offers.

Realizing these two trends, and seeing a direct negative impact to our business and sales as a result, knew we needed to build a mobile app to meet our customers where they were, and to create a better shopping experience. But before we could do that, we had to be able to accept mobile payments. We began our search for a partner that could help us with our mobile needs as well as a way to easily integrate PayPal.

We researched various payment companies and chose Braintree as a partner because they continue to innovate in online and mobile payments. Braintree was also the only company that could enable us to accept PayPal alongside credit cards in one simple integration. The integration with Braintree’s v.zero SDK was super easy (my developer team was really impressed with the ease of integration and with Braintree’s API docs), their support was incredible and the results were amazing.

When we integrated with the v.zero SDK in July and rolled out our mobile app and the Braintree integration on web, we saw an immediate lift in revenue. Today, about 35% of our overall revenue comes from our mobile app, and our mobile web traffic continues to grow. And since v.zero SDK enables access to PayPal with the click of a button, we were able to easily enable paying via PayPal for our customers. Now, more than 35% of our total transactions come directly from PayPal.

In addition to increasing our revenues, the integration has enabled us to tap into features like One Touch with PayPal, which makes it super simple for customers to check out. With One Touch, our customers’ payment information is stored securely the first time so that the next time a customer checks out, defaults are already set and with a tap of a button they’re checked out.

Braintree is constantly innovating and rolling out new features. And as the mobile market continues to change daily, Braintree is right on the cusp of those changes. I see our partnership with Braintree lasting a long time.

Hear more directly from Mike in our video case study:

Jay Parekh Jay is Director of BD, focusing on product partnerships such as PayPal One Touch, Apple Pay, and Android Pay, and driving merchant adoption of key strategic initiatives. More posts by this author

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