It's great to be at Braintree!

Moving to a new company is one of the most important decisions we make in our professional lives. I recently made that decision and joined Braintree as Chief Technology Officer and SVP of Product. Frankly, I couldn’t be happier!

There are many reasons I joined Braintree. In fact, Braintree has everything I was looking for - a fast growing space, an amazing customer base, great leadership, strong developer relationships, a strong company culture, and a highly capable team committed to world class service and building the best payment solutions for developers.

I am busy coming up to speed and look forward to engaging with our robust development community and all of our customers. We will always be mindful of the trust our customers place in us each day. We are heads-down working on many initiatives to enhance our technology, provide new capabilities and deliver the stability you should expect. Each initiative will be another step on our journey to become the very best provider of payment solutions we can be - and that’s a journey I'm excited to take! (If you want to join our team and be part of the action, we are hiring!)

Juan Benitez Juan is a former GM of Braintree, where he led the team in delivering powerful payment solutions. Prior to taking the GM role, Juan was our CTO -- after joining the team from several years at Yahoo!. More posts by this author

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