Introducing the Braintree Commit Fellowship

As the technology industry continues to find itself at the center of the conversation around workplace diversity, Braintree has stepped forward to pledge $25K in the form of two Dev Bootcamp fellowships for underrepresented gender and racial minorities in the Chicago area. And since we also must acknowledge that financial barriers are only part of the equation, the chosen fellows will be paired with individual mentors from the Braintree developer team -- offering a level of support that could prove to be the linchpin of success.


About the Program:

Dev Bootcamp pioneered the “bootcamp” model for its curriculum—ultimately transforming beginners into full-stack web developers in a matter of 19 weeks. Through this immersive program, they help aspiring programmers with little or no technical background reach a level of proficiency that will allow them to continue their education on the job as junior web developers.

By partnering with Dev Bootcamp, Braintree not only shines the spotlight on a pipeline that lacks racial or gender balance, but also actively contributes to the solution. The Braintree Commit Fellowship is the first of many initiatives needed to encourage more women and minorities to step into engineering roles.

Dates and Details:

  • The application window will be open from May 4th to May 18th
  • Only applicants first accepted by Dev Bootcamp may be considered for the fellowship
  • Eligible candidates will consist of women and underrepresented racial minorities
  • A five-member panel from Dev Bootcamp and Braintree will review the finalists and make their selections by June 19th
  • Braintree Commit Fellows can join any available 2015 Dev Bootcamp cohort
  • Although the program has multiple campuses, the initial round of fellows will be based locally in Chicago

Go here to apply!

Applicants should check the box indicating that they meet the criteria for the Braintree Commit Fellowship and would like consideration for the fellowship. Any questions can be directed to

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