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Introducing Samsung Pay at Braintree

At Braintree, we’re focused on helping drive the future of commerce by offering our merchants the tools they need to succeed in today’s -- and tomorrow’s -- global economy. This means constantly innovating to stay ahead of the curve, working with the right partners to provide the most diverse set of capabilities for our customers, and offering the most popular -- and most relevant -- payment methods around the world.

And most importantly, we allow all of this to happen in one easy and simple integration.

As another crucial step toward providing the best service for our customers, we are excited to announce that starting today, Braintree merchants in the US will be able to accept Samsung Pay for in-app payments. With just a few lines of code, merchants can quickly integrate Samsung Pay into their checkout process, allowing millions of Samsung Pay users to transact in a familiar way with their favorite merchants. Boxed is among the first merchants to adopt Samsung Pay via Braintree.

Earlier this year, we announced that PayPal consumers in the US would be able to use PayPal within Samsung Pay at millions of retailers. Today’s launch is just another proofpoint of our strong and continued partnership with Samsung. By allowing US merchants to accept Samsung Pay through Braintree, we are continuing to break down barriers at checkout for our merchants and deliver even more value and choice within the checkout experience for our collective customers.

If you would like to learn more about accepting Samsung Pay as a payment method, you can read more about it here or contact us directly.

Neha Goel Neha is part of Braintree's Business Development team. When not exalting alternative payments, she can be found attempting to bake very unhealthy desserts or planning her next travel wandering. More posts by this author >>

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