Introducing Our New Marketing Campaign

Did you know that mobile transactions are on track to increase 74% over the next two years?1 But did you also know that 42% of millennials limit their own mobile transactions because of security concerns?2 This, and more, is why we’re urging businesses to rethink their payments. And today we’re launching a new marketing campaign, with our first ever national television ads, to bring awareness to this need.

Why now? The answer is simple. Too often we see payments treated as plumbing rather than a platform that powers businesses. And, as an end-to-end, tech-first solution, helping to power commerce for some of the largest next gen businesses, we know that can be a big miss.

Today’s campaign brings to life our belief that payments shouldn’t be an afterthought, but rather a powerful asset that is interwoven through a company’s entire strategy from the start. It was born out of our global experience and our understanding of the daily payments pain points businesses experience. For the CEO of a company, or a financial analyst looking at costs, or even a marketer optimizing user experience -- the payments experience has the ability to influence a business’s entire ecosystem.

Choosing a good payments partner means better conversion. It means keeping a business more secure and helping it stay competitive. It means letting customers pay how they want and improving your user experience. Ultimately, it can mean new revenue streams. Our ads are bold and confident and human -- bringing to life the revelation that, for all of these reasons, payments is more than just getting paid and you should be rethinking it.

Launching February 27th, the ads will also appear internationally on websites, podcasts, and airport billboards. We’re excited to reveal it and we hope it inspires businesses of every shape and size to proactively think again.

Kasia Leyden Kasia leads the marketing team at Braintree. An Aussie based in San Francisco and a lover of riding her bike, picnics in the park, and travelling the world. More posts by this author

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