Introducing $0 Verifications for American Express

In early November 2018, Braintree introduced $0 AMEX verifications to help improve the cardholder experience by reducing bank statement confusion.


AMEX verifications were previously processed as $1. Braintree voided approved $1 verifications in order to remove them from cardholder statements.

AMEX verifications are now processed as $0, by default for eligible merchants (see below). The $0 amount removes the need for Braintree to void AMEX verifications.

Cardholder benefits

Previously, $1 verifications could leave a $1 hold on the cardholder’s account for an extended period of time, occasionally causing cardholder frustration.

$0 verifications do not hold funds, reducing this confusion and frustration.

Eligibility requirements

$0 AMEX verifications are available to merchants utilizing their own AMEX accounts for payment processing (e.g., an SE#). They will also be available to a limited number of US merchants utilizing Braintree for AMEX processing.

If you already utilize card verification, you don’t have to do anything -- your AMEX verifications will automatically default to $0 instead of $1.

Due to ever-evolving payment network requirements, we highly recommend that merchants utilize card verification when storing cards in the Vault. If you do not currently utilize card verification but store cards for subsequent use, you should enable card verification in your control panel. This will enable $0 AMEX verifications automatically.


$0 verifications can help improve the AMEX cardholder experience by reducing statement confusion. If you have questions about $0 verifications, please contact our Support team.

Tim Whicker Tim is a Product Manager under Braintree's Cards Compliance team. In his free time, he's a tech, music, and design enthusiast. More posts by this author

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