How Braintree Uses Merchant Feedback to Build Better Products

At some point, we've all been taught how to be a good listener: Be quiet while someone is speaking, use body language to show engagement, repeat important statements -- we’re told exhibiting these behaviors is essential to making someone feel heard.

At Braintree, we believe listening to our merchants is important. We also believe that listening is about more than just absorbing information. It's about having a better, more productive conversation for everyone.

Speaking of productivity, we're excited to share a few subtle yet powerful enhancements to our merchant-facing control panel based on recent feedback:

A fresh coat of paint

Simple front-end design modifications add visual space around important elements and emphasize (or deemphasize) functionality based on frequency of use.

Small, impactful adjustments to our information architecture enable ease of use around the daily, weekly, and monthly activities completed by different types of users.

Reports at your fingertips

Obtaining business insights is faster and easier now that all reports and statements have a dedicated home and clear definitions of what information lives where.

Find what you need quickly

Users can choose how they find and take action on their data through more appropriately nested data sets. These allow them to find specific data that’s relevant to each section via advanced search parameters or drill down into larger data sets.

With merchants in mind, we’re renewing our commitment to having more meaningful conversations. The more we learn, the more equipped we become to develop solutions that not only solve current problems, but can also grow to meet future challenges. We're working on a formalized program that ensures we can ask good questions, accept honest feedback, offer realistic responses, and act with intention. To start talking, contact us.

Michelle Montgomery Michelle is a product marketer with a passion for helping merchants manage and grow their business. Outside of work, she enjoys baking, wine-tasting, and jogging on Chicago's lakefront trail. More posts by this author

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