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Harris Farm Markets Keeps Payments Fresh and Flexible with Help from Braintree

At Braintree, we thrive off of merchant feedback, so we were overjoyed when Australia-based Harris Farm Markets shared just how much they’ve grown since partnering with Braintree.

We spoke to James Kerridge, Head of Marketing & Ecommerce, and Angus Harris, Co-CEO at Harris Farm Markets -- a leader in online groceries, and a family owned and operated grocery chain with over 24 locations in Australia. From how Braintree helped them expand while still maintaining a highly personal shopping experience, to why a strong payments partner is critical, James and Angus take us on a (fresh & delicious!) adventure of growth and success.

Ian Cheah Ian is our Relationship Manager from down under, ​and ​part of the original Australian expansion for Braintree. He's passionate about mobile commerce and fast cars, and is an online shopping nerd.​ More posts by this author >>

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