Fraud Protection... Made Simple

A fraud protection strategy is one of the most important elements of a merchant’s payments platform, and also one of the most complicated to be implemented.  At Braintree, we eliminate the obstacles for our merchants by offering an integrated fraud prevention solution in conjunction with fraud protection specialists, Kount.

Securing developer resources can be a challenge for many merchants, resulting in a six week to six-month integration process for most fraud protection solutions. This can be incredibly devastating to a start-up, as 68% of merchants don’t realize they have been or are being hit by fraud until they have suffered a significant loss. Braintree takes the worry away and gives merchants enterprise class fraud protection in a matter of minutes. recently integrated Braintree and implemented Kount’s fraud protection. “We’ve heard claims before that integration would be easy and not require IT to get involved. This was one of the only times we found that to be true. It took about 15 minutes to set up, send some test data and we were ready to go,” commented Jim Smith, Director of Payment for

An additional benefit of Kount’s solution is that it provides merchants great insight into their customers buying behavior, allowing them to identify best customer attributes, marketing trends and sales efficiencies. By tracking merchants’ transaction activities and alerting when they are out of line, Kount is helping to protect both the Braintree payments platform and merchants.

“Braintree is known for making payments simple, and they are doing the same with implementing a powerful fraud prevention strategy available to all merchants,” said Jack Alton, Senior Vice President of Sales for Kount. “With this combination of products, it’s never been easier for merchants to boost their sales and beat potential fraud issues simultaneously.”

For more information on the powerful integrated offering from Braintree and Kount please visit our features page or Kount.

Additionally, Braintree’s COO Amit Jhawar will be speaking at Kount’s Fraud 360 conference in Chicago on April 9. For more details, or to attend the event visit:


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