There’s No Disputing it: Chargeback Data Reports Were a Long Time Coming

We recently rolled out dispute reporting in the Control Panel. Chargebacks previously lived in a completely separate system, which didn’t provide a holistic connection between chargebacks and transactions. You asked for this, so we devoted open-dev time to bringing this data to the Control Panel and the API. This feature will help you better track the money you win and lose from disputes, and it gives you a better sense of why you’re getting chargebacks so you can work to reduce them.

Anatomy of a dispute

When a transaction has been charged back, you’ll see the details on the transaction record under “Dispute History.”

  • Received Date - When the chargeback became official.

  • Amount - The amount of the dispute. Protip: It’s possible that only a portion of a transaction was disputed, so this amount may not always match transaction amount.

  • Reason - Why the cardholder filed the dispute.

  • Status - There’s three statuses:

    • Open = The chargeback is still waiting for a response

    • Won = The response to the chargeback was sufficient and you received the debited money back

    • Lost = Either the response was not sufficient or the dispute wasn’t responded to

  • Reply by - The deadline for your dispute response (you’ll still need to attach your materials and reply to the alert e-mail to respond). Reply by is 20 days after received date. Once that time passes, this will be greyed out.  

How to report on disputes

You can pull this data in the Control Panel by either running a transaction search on “disputed date” or using the dispute summary report. We’ve also made the information available via the API, so you can use that to tailor a query.

Responding to a dispute

Our current process to contest a chargeback is staying the same: We’ll still let you know each time a chargeback is issued via e-mail and work with you personally to dispute it. We’re on your side and always happy to help.

Are you a U.S. merchant interested in dispute reporting? Contact our accounts team at / 312-257-2304 to learn more.


Kent Green Kent is an associate product manager at Braintree (and an alum of the Accounts and Support teams). He loves flip-flops, hip-hop, and difficult-to-maintain rhymes with parallel structure. More posts by this author

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