Customizable Dunning Management

There are quite a few reasons that 2012 is going to be amazing: the Summer Olympics return, the century's last solar transit of Venus will occur, and The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey will finally be released in theaters. Braintree has been listening to your invaluable feedback and we'd like to give you a few more reasons to be excited this year.

We are thrilled to announce the release of some long awaited recurring billing enhancements. These are the first of many to come:

Customizable Dunning Management

We are giving you the control. Previously, the logic for retrying was built into the gateway. We have now exposed this logic in the control panel so you can customize the logic to suit your own business needs. In the control panel there is a processing option under recurring billing that allows you to determine if you would like to automatically retry failed transactions. If this is enabled, you will be able to select when we should attempt the first retry. You can select values from 1 day up to 10 days. If the first retry fails, there is a second retry that you can configure as well. Finally, if both retries fail, you have the option of canceling the subscription, continuing to retry on the subscription's next scheduled billing date or to leave the subscription past due. Manual retries done in the control panel will not count as an automatic retry attempt.

Proration on Downgrades

Previously, we only automatically prorated charges when a subscription was upgraded. We now calculate proration charges for subscriptions that are downgraded. If a subscription is downgraded and results in a negative balance that credit will be added to the balance and applied to the next recurring billing charge.

Tie Refunds to Subscription

Refunds that are submitted on transactions created as part of a subscription are now being displayed on the subscription details page. We also display the subscription information on the refunded transaction like we do on regular transactions.

Coming Soon

Webhooks! This feature has been a popular request from our merchants and our developers are working hard to implement them.

Webhooks will let the individual merchant know when an event occurs in our system that was not directly initiated by a user click in the control panel or by an API request. Specifically, these will be events around subscriptions that get configured and automatically run over the course of time. A successful subscription transaction? There's a webhook for that. A failed transaction causes a subscription to be past due? There's a webhook for that too.

We hope you find these enhancements helpful. As always, we love getting feedback. If you have any please send us an email at

Braintreeps Sightings

SXSW Interactive - March 9-12. A few Braintreeps including our CEO Bill will be heading down to Austin next week to attend SXSW interactive. You can find them mingling at the Techweek SXSWi Innovate+Chicago Party on March 12th. They would really love to meet you so if you're going to be around, send us a tweet to @braintree or shoot an email over to!

Jen Busenbark Jen is a Lead Product Manager who joined Braintree in 2009. She helped design all current processes including planning, building, testing, launching & just about everything else in software delivery. More posts by this author

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