Credit Card Data Portability Update

It's been nearly a year since we announced the Credit Card Data Portability Initiative and wrote an open letter to others in the industry. Our goal was to accomplish for credit card data what the 1996 Telecommunications Act did for phone numbers, enable the transfer of it between providers to avoid hostage-like situations.

As expected, the manifold reactions to our announcement from those within and outside the industry were welcoming, skeptical and hostile. Many wrote off our efforts because of our relative size compared to our behemoth competitors, and because acceptance would be contrary to their financial interests.

Today, we're pleased to report that in the past four months, we've completed a data migration from every single large player in the industry. A year ago, this was unfathomable to contemplate. We're uncertain if our effort had anything to do with their change in behavior, but we're thrilled that we're now enabling these data transfers to us on a regular basis.

We've heard quite a few people try to proclaim our effort is dead. They explain that since it's hard to find other providers that openly embrace it, their adherence must be absent. While some providers openly promote their support, the others seem to be quietly embracing the principles. We understand why, and we're not going to complain so long as the data flow continues!

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