Codeology: Reimagining Code

Developers spend countless hours creating the code that lies behind the scenes of almost everything we do. It manifests itself through the sites we browse and the tools we use. But, as is the nature of the beast, the code itself remains unseen.

Today we took the chance to flip the script. To celebrate the individual lines and languages, the choices that are unique to each application, and the developer behind each.

Because we know there are a million ways to arrive at any final product -- some more elegant than others -- we've created an open-source project that gives life to the art and science of code. It's called Codeology.

example gif

What it is

Codeology is an open-source project that reimagines code by bringing it to life visually. The combination of programming languages in each GitHub project determines its look: as no two pieces of original code are exactly alike, no two Codeology forms are either.

How it works

The application pulls data from GitHub’s public API and creates visuals using WebGL, ThreeJS, and GLSL Shaders. Shape and color represent an individual language, with size being proportionate to how many characters of code were written.

Join us in reimagining code

Codeology is open source; it can be forked and modified. Visualized projects can be downloaded or shared as wallpapers and GIFs. We’d love to see your favorite projects come to life.

For the full experience, we invite you to explore Codeology on desktop or mobile, and check out the project on our GitHub page.

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