Changes to Braintree’s IP Addresses Are Coming

Update (October 1, 2021): Add Forward API production rollout date; a Previous rollout was completed April 6, 2020

Update (February 27, 2020): Updated production rollout date.

As part of Braintree’s effort to increase stability and extend our global footprint, we are expanding our IP space to accommodate new endpoints – introducing more IP addresses in addition to the ones we currently use.

In November 2021, Braintree will update the IP addresses we use for sandbox and production API traffic. If you whitelist Braintree IP addresses in your integration, you must include these new IP addresses to ensure that you will be able to process payments.

When will the changes take place?

The new set of IP addresses will take effect in production on November 19, 2021. The new IP addresses are already live in sandbox. We’re sharing this information in advance so that you have time to review your integration and make any updates needed to avoid processing interruption.

What’s changing?

We are adding new IP addresses. Our existing IP addresses will not change. This update could impact your ability to process payments if your server administrator or IT security team maintains an allowlist (i.e. whitelist) of IP addresses for Braintree API traffic.

We have already updated the Braintree IP Addresses page in our developer docs to reflect this new set of endpoints. Additionally, we’ve published this new list in JSON format to

If we add more IP addresses again in the future, we will update this JSON and the Braintree IP Addresses page in advance.

Note: this change does not impact IP and hostname restrictions configured through the Braintree Control Panel.

What action is required?

If you do not whitelist Braintree IP addresses, or if you only use IP and hostname restrictions in the Braintree Control Panel, no action is required from you.

If you do whitelist Braintree IP addresses in your integration, you must include these new addresses before November 19, 2021 to ensure that you will be able to process transactions. You can update your whitelist now or at anytime before November 19 using the new list – you should not wait until the IP address change officially takes effect.

What’s an IP address whitelist?

A whitelist provides access to specified IP addresses and programs when your security policy would otherwise prevent that access. Whitelisting domains or IP addresses can be useful, but it comes with additional overhead and complication. It’s also worth noting that our IP addresses are always subject to change. For more information, see Braintree IP Addresses.

If you’re unsure if you are whitelisting Braintree IP addresses, we recommend checking with your server administrator or IT security team. Because whitelists are maintained on your end, we are unable to confirm that for you.

If you have any questions, contact us.

Joshua Knox Joshua is a software engineer at Braintree. He is the primary author of the Forward API and Grant API. More posts by this author

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