Businesses Can Now Accept Venmo as a Way to Pay

At Braintree, we are committed to evolving our open platform to enable the future of mobile commerce. This includes expanding our range of flexible tools that let merchants accept relevant forms of payments so that consumers can pay however and wherever they want. This also includes experiences that tap into the vast network of consumers that only PayPal can provide to merchants.

Today, along with our friends at Venmo, we take another step in driving the mobile commerce experience by enabling merchants to engage with Venmo’s vibrant consumer audience as we roll out the limited release of our newest payment method: Venmo. Now, exclusively through Braintree’s SDK, merchants will be able to accept Venmo as a payment method in both their iOS and Android apps. Our initial launch partners include the meal delivery service Munchery and ticketing app Gametime.

A unique benefit of offering Venmo as a payment option is that merchants will be able to reap the benefits of Venmo’s immensely popular social features. Following their in-app purchases, Venmo users will have the ability to split the purchase or share purchases on the Venmo feed. With high virality, Venmo’s social sharing functionalities will provide richer and more comprehensive purchasing experiences, as well as generate greater awareness for merchants.

Integrating Venmo is an easy way to provide a frictionless checkout experience for your customers. It opens your doors to the socially-connected Venmo users, and enables new and fast ways of transacting that mobile consumers have come to expect.

If you would like to learn more about accepting Venmo, check out our site or contact us directly.

Jay Parekh Jay is Director of BD, focusing on product partnerships such as PayPal One Touch, Apple Pay, and Android Pay, and driving merchant adoption of key strategic initiatives. More posts by this author

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