Braintree and Wufoo, Together at Last!

In case you haven’t heard about Wufoo, they’re a web application that helps you build online forms. With it you can create contact forms, online surveys and invitations that allow you to collect the data and registrations you need without writing a single line of code.

We are very excited to offer our full stack payment suite to Wufoo users. They needed the ability to support boarding a large number of merchants via a simple application. Our instant signup process for US merchants and simple pricing structure make it easy for Wufoo’s users to start accepting credit card payments. Users in the US will typically receive their funds in 2 days, while our famous white glove support helps users quickly resolve any issues. Best of all, Braintree’s scalable platform adapts as your business grows.

Wufoo’s award winning interface experience lets you make money with a Wufoo powered form within minutes. You can hit the ground running with over 80 professional templates & themes that seamlessly integrate with your brand. Plus, they offer powerful reporting tools that help you understand the data and notification options that deliver live updates about new leads being collected by your form. Most importantly, all payment enabled forms are automatically protected with 128-bit SSL Encryption to ensure that you and your users' transactions are always safe. The Smart Captcha system only shows a captcha test to users when it detects abusive behavior and questionable situations. This way your forms are optimized for collecting the maximum amount of revenue without sacrificing peace of mind.

We’re constantly blown away by the innovative concepts merchants build on top of our platform. By partnering with Wufoo, merchants will have more options to get up and running quickly. We can’t wait to see what you’ll come up with.

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