Braintree Partners with Spreedly to Provide Payment Gateway Services

As part of our ongoing efforts to make Braintree’s payment gateway easily accessible to more businesses, we’re excited to announce a partnership with Spreedly. Spreedly’s clients will now be able to access to our payment gateway through a single point of integration.

Braintree and Spreedly both serve merchants operating cutting edge online and mobile commerce businesses. Now Spreedly merchants have the option of fully integrated access to our developer-friendly payment gateway. This integration creates a seamless payments solution for Spreedly’s new and existing clients - whether they come directly via Spreedly or utilize Spreedly connectors in place at Heroku and AppHarbor.

This joint billing management solution provides an easy to integrate payment gateway solution Spreedly merchants are looking for as they grow and scale, while helping to reduce PCI compliance burden by over 90 percent. For new merchants who sign up by July 30th, both Braintree and Spreedly will waive the first three months of monthly fees for the combined service to kick off this great partnership!

For anyone not familiar with Spreedly, its subscription and billing management services are used by highly innovative companies that are implementing exciting new business models. We’re thrilled to be able to work together to make payment processing easier for our clients.

As always, we love hearing your feedback so please continue to email with your comments and questions.

Braintree Team

James Hyde Head of Sales at Braintree, his responsibility is to create and maintain an effective sales structure and to support our continued rapid growth and thriving success in the payments market. More posts by this author

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