Braintree Hosts: Kenneth Reitz & “Python for Humans”

This is the first in a series of posts showcasing videos of speakers we’ve hosted at Braintree. We’re starting with some oldies, but we’ll be posting increasingly recent videos as time goes on.

Braintree is very involved in the Chicago tech community, hosting and sponsoring numerous events throughout the year, from large conferences to small workshops and everything in between. A couple of times per year, Braintree Chicago hosts ChiPy -- the Chicago Python User Group. ChiPy has been around since 2003 and has speakers on various Python-related topics every month. In December, one of those speakers was Kenneth Reitz.

Kenneth is the primary maintainer of Requests, one of the most popular Python packages. Requests is HTTP for humans: it provides an interface to HTTP that we can all understand. Why don’t all Python packages meet that standard? In his talk “Python for Humans,” Kenneth discusses what went wrong with certain crucial Python APIs, and some potential solutions that lead to elegant API design.

Adam Forsyth Adam is a Software Engineer and Community Lead at Braintree. He loves meetups and Python. More posts by this author

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