Braintree Launches Apple Pay Support in the UK

Consumers around the world are adopting mobile commerce at a rapid pace, creating the demand for merchants to offer more seamless buying experiences. One of these experiences is Apple Pay, and today we’re excited to announce our support for Apple Pay in the UK, via Braintree’s SDK. Merchants and developers in the UK can now easily add Apple Pay to their checkout flow in addition to PayPal, credit cards, and debit cards. At Braintree, we’re continuously expanding our platform to enable merchants to deliver the best commerce experiences, and our extension of Apple Pay support to UK developers furthers our mission to support multiple wallets.

Today, we are enabling UK and global merchants such as hungryhouse, Just Park, YPlan, Bar Pass, Top10, Bizzby, Mr & Mrs Smith, StubHub, and HotelTonight to be some of the first to accept Apple Pay in the UK. Braintree has been a partner of Apple Pay from day one, and we’re excited to continue working with Apple on a global scale.

Ensuring that merchants are able to easily integrate new payment methods is at Braintree’s core, and that simplicity is something our merchant partners love. “Using Braintree's implementation, we were able to efficiently implement Apple Pay in a matter of days, which will provide an easier payment experience to our iOS users and help us to continue to be the easy way to takeaway," said Scott Fletcher, CEO, hungryhouse.

Additionally, making sure we deliver on our commitment to ‘white glove’ customer service is critical. "Apple Pay is a great way to lower the barrier for first time users. It is a friction-free method for new users to pay, while providing a great experience for existing customers. The Braintree integration has been simple and straightforward and we have had fantastic support all the way through the process,” said Bertie Guard, COO, Saber (formerly Bar Pass).

As we continue to expand our open platform to power the future of mobile commerce, we’re committed to giving merchants a choice in the types of payment methods they offer so that consumers can have the most convenient purchasing experiences possible when they pay, however they want to pay.

For more information, please visit our Apple Pay page and check out the docs to see how our SDK supports Apple Pay. As always, you can also email with any questions.

Aunkur Arya Aunkur is GM for Braintree’s Mobile business, leading all efforts across the mobile ecosystem. Arya came to Braintree from Google via the acquisition of AdMob. More posts by this author

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