An Evolution of the Control Panel

Today we’ve launched a new control panel for preview in our Sandbox environment. While it's only a hint of things to come, this visual overhaul contains several notable enhancements.

All-new look and feel

We’ve taken a reductive approach, introducting visual elements and invoking style only when required for a more fluid user experience.

New Dashboard

The new default view is a gorgeous at-a-glance data visualization of an account’s most recent 30 days. Sales and Transaction Volumes, Total Sales Volume, and Average Ticket Value provide extended insight into the performance of one’s account.

UI improvements

We've made 100+ interface enhancements and bugfixes to ensure a more consistent and enjoyable user experience.

And much more to come

With the groundwork now set for an ongoing evolution, we’ve got some awesome things lined up for our merchants in 2014. Log in to the Sandbox now for a view of things to come.

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