Introducing Account Updater: Automatically Update Credit Cards so Your Customers Don’t Have to

Let’s say you get a new credit or debit card in the mail, one that is replacing an existing card. Not only do you have to call in to activate it, but now you’re burdened with the task of having to update your card information across all the mobile apps and websites you’ve saved it in. More likely you won’t realize that needs to be done until you get a notice that your payment couldn’t be processed or one of your services is overdue.

This scenario is happening to nearly a hundred million consumers across thousands of sites. That’s because recent data breaches at major retailers in the US have forced card issuers to send out millions of new cards.

But what if it didn’t have to be that way? What if all your favorite sites and apps could automagically retrieve your new card info without you having to tell them? 

That’s how we think it should work - so, we developed Account Updater to make updating card details completely seamless. Activate Account Updater and Braintree will automatically update stored card information—such as new numbers, new expiration dates, contact customer requests, and a closed account.

Bombfell, a monthly men's clothing subscription service, recently activated Account Updater and has already seen the benefits. “Our business relies on subscriptions, and our customers count on a seamless experience to get their monthly shipments. When a credit card expires or becomes inactive, we normally have to reach out to our customers to update their cards, or risk putting their shipments on hold,” said Bernard Yoo, co-founder of Bombfell. “Account Updater was a no-brainer for us, and was especially timely given the increased fraud threats in recent months. We’ve seen an uptick of customers whose cards were cancelled due to the recent breaches, so knowing that we can quickly get their accounts updated without bothering them is a big advantage to maintaining a quality service.”

To learn more about and activate Account Updater, please contact us at 877-511-5038 or at


Erin Kiekhofer Erin is Braintree’s Account Management Team Lead. When not advocating for merchants or wrangling koalas, you can find her marathon-training on the lakefront with her golden doodle, Maki. More posts by this author

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