Now Start-ups Can Accept Payments Through Braintree Instantly

Braintree started with the principle of making payments easily accessible for developers and start-ups, and we've helped thousands of businesses through rapid growth. We want to make it easy for developers to get access to Braintree’s payment tools. That’s why we created an instant way to sign up for Braintree. With this new application process, merchants will be able to apply and receive a decision instantly. There’s no more waiting period for a merchant account or underwriting approval. When you apply, you can begin integration and accept payments the same day.

Until now, merchants had to choose between working with a payment aggregator, such as PayPal, or applying for a merchant account. Here’s the difference: payment aggregators allow for fast access, but typically only work for small merchants because they introduce the possibility of painful service disruptions if a merchant’s volume grows. We don’t want that to happen to you. Traditional merchant accounts, on the other hand, are a better tool for merchants that either have meaningful volume or intend to scale to meaningful volume. But merchant accounts usually require a lengthy application processes.  Now, with Braintree’s instant application, merchants are approved and ready to accept payments immediately, with their own merchant account, but with the peace of mind that they have all the capabilities they need as their business grows. It’s the best of both worlds.

We want this to be so simple that we even introduced a new pricing plan with faster funding to make it easier for startups to get rolling. Braintree’s new signup eliminates monthly minimums and offers a flat 2.9% fee with $.30 per transaction. Our merchants will receive most of their money in two business days and the rest of it in four - several days faster than what most payment aggregators offer.

Our instant application process and new pricing plan are now available for all US-based merchants. We’re also working hard to offer amazing new payment tools to merchants located outside of the US. If you’d like to apply for your Braintree account, you can sign up here.

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