A Blog is {Re}born

Not too long ago we looked at our company blog -- scratch that, blogs -- and realized that maybe they weren’t as awesome as they could be. They were a little sparse, a little flavorless, a little forlorn. If a swell of haunting music had accompanied this discovery, it would have been the equivalent of that Sarah McLachlan commercial with all of the puppies.

The basic content was there, but the magic was missing -- the whole thing just wasn’t fully reflective of us as a company, and it certainly wasn’t reflective of the personalities of the individual Braintreeps that make this place dance.

So, we did what comes naturally to us. We picked up what wasn’t working, we broke it apart, and we innovated on what remained. We didn’t let tradition dictate the future, and we didn’t mistake nostalgia for untouchable quality.

What’s new?

Take a look around. Click it, scroll it, sort it, read it. Don’t smell it. It doesn’t smell like anything.

Content is categorized, individual posts are tagged, authors are identified and celebrated within their own pages -- so, if you have a favorite topic or style, you might find you also have a favorite author or two. Also: we’ve branded it. An RSS feed is an option. And you can share individual posts much more easily.

It’s just an all-around better experience, meant to give you that warm, fuzzy feeling in the center of your chest. At least it does for us.

What’s in the works?

  • Sheer volume - On top of the content we’re known for, we’re aiming high and hoping to bring you new and interesting stuff on a more regular basis.
  • Breadth of authors - This revamped space is primed to become a true community effort to cultivate and maintain.
  • Looking outside - We’re planning to widen the sea of topics -- beyond our virtual walls and into the vast landscape of payments, technology, and, hopefully, some humor.
  • Open communication - If you comment in earnest, we will answer in kind.

The roads have been paved, but the route is wide open.

Tell us what you think!

Terri Falvey As Braintree's lone Content Strategist, Terri is a reader, a writer, and a lover of the art of storytelling. This blog, amongst other things, is her passion. More posts by this author

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