For Canadian Merchants, 4 New Ways to Pay: Apple Pay, Google Pay, Visa Checkout, and Masterpass

It’s no secret that mobile is driving retail ecommerce sales worldwide. By 2021, mobile retail commerce sales are expected to grow to $3.5T -- that’s 73% of total ecommerce sales and 12.7% of total retail sales worldwide, double the share of 2017.1 As people spend increasingly more time shopping on their phones, offering customers a checkout experience that’s optimized for mobile conversions has become more important.

Digital wallets are an increasingly popular way to tap into the mobile opportunity. Known also as mobile wallets, these payment methods offer customers a convenient path to purchase that minimizes friction and helps provide a secure checkout.

As another way to help our merchants leverage their mobile presence to help boost revenue, we’re excited to announce that Braintree merchants in Canada will now be able to accept four popular digital wallets in-app and on mobile web: Apple Pay, Google Pay, Visa Checkout, and Masterpass -- all in a single integration. That’s, of course, in addition to PayPal -- one of the most trusted2 and highest converting3 digital wallets globally.

Getting an edge against competitors

To capitalize on the opportunity, successful retailers minimize friction during the mobile purchasing process, especially at checkout. Checkout is the moment when consumers part with their money but have not yet seen, touched, or received their product -- any friction can give the consumer an opportunity to reconsider their purchase and abandon their cart. In fact, according to a recent Baymard survey, 28% of consumers will abandon the checkout process if it is too long or complicated.4

Digital wallets can help to simplify things -- and help drive conversion -- because they provide an efficient checkout experience that lets customers pay in the way they want. In that same Baymard survey, 12% of respondents said they wouldn’t complete their purchase if they couldn’t select their valued payment methods.5 By offering a familiar, proven checkout flow with fewer steps, merchants can gain and maintain an edge against competitors.

Leveraging trusted ways to pay

Despite fraud prevention tools that merchants use to help protect their customers (and their reputation and revenue), sharing personal payment information is still perceived by many as risky. But digital wallets can help alleviate that concern. For instance, a recent study found that 80% of users surveyed reported feeling more secure using PayPal than sharing credit card information on mobile.6

Private authentication from biometrics (fingerprints or facial recognition, for example) as well as secure encryption and tokenization of payment information are a few reasons that digital wallets are attractive to buyers. As is the backing of trusted third-party technology and financial leaders. In a climate where customers are increasingly cautious about whom they share sensitive information such as payment data with, digital wallets can go a long way in helping merchants build trust.

Putting it all together in Canada

By enabling Apple Pay, Google Pay, Visa Checkout, and Masterpass in Canada, Braintree is opening a whole new world of options for Canadian merchants and their customers. We are the only payments platform to offer the most popular third-party mobile wallets along with PayPal, in one integration -- an ideal solution for merchants seeking to boost sales through all mobile channels.

If you are a Braintree merchant, contact the Accounts team at to enable your Moneris processor connection. Any merchant processing with Braintree Direct and a Moneris connection can manage wallets availability for their customers in the control panel directly to enable Apple Pay and Google Pay. To enable Visa Checkout and Masterpass, contact Support. If you’re a new merchant based in Canada and would like to offer Apple Pay, Google Pay, Visa Checkout, Masterpass, and/or PayPal, sign up now* or contact our Sales team for more information.

*Additional terms apply

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