34MM Buys a Lot of Cupcakes

We recently accepted a $34MM Series A investment from Accel Partners.To welcome us, they sent us some delicious cupcakes (and a surpriseguest).

They were consumed pretty quickly and here is what they tasted like:

Bryan Johnson (Braintree) - Caramely sweetness with a slight balancing roastiness. Probably the best tasting of all the cupcakes. One man's opinion, though.

Richard Wong (Accel) - Sharp, poignant burst of concentrated vanilla in the nose, overtaken by an expertly blended mix of chocolates. The sugar buzz from this one increased our productivity by 25% for the afternoon.

Andrew Mason (Groupon) - Huge chocolate up front, followed by a slight, pleasant toastiness. Someone was offered $6 billion for their Groupon cupcake, but they refused.

Jim Breyer (Accel) - Attacks the palette with a bold sweetness, lingering almond overtones. And what a firm handshake this cupcake had.

Ryan Sweeney (Accel) - Generous amounts of cocoa in the bouquet, well-balanced vanilla accents. This one reminded us that $34 million buys a lot of cupcakes.

John Locke (Accel) - Strong floral notes that give way to a subdued citrusy / piney aftertaste. It tasted so good some people ate the cupcake wrapper too.

Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook) - Bright cherry notes that fall away to cascade of very dark chocolate. This cupcake had more friends than the others.

Elvis (Graceland) - Tastes like peanut butter, bacon and bananas. Eat enough of these and you'll look like later-in-life Elvis yourself.

And our surprise guest...

We're pretty sure that was the real Elvis.

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