3 Reasons Braintree Leads the Pack in Successful Authorization Rates

Braintree’s technology platform is a processing powerhouse with foundations built on long-term relationships with banks and card networks, plus backend capabilities developed over the years to drive transaction success. It’s designed to deliver great customer experiences, and it’s working: Our platform can help maximize successful transactions compared to industry average by as much as 3-5% depending on merchant industry, location, and other factors. Our authorization success has directly translated into our merchants’ success by increasing revenue and long-term customer relationships.

Here are three reasons Braintree leads the pack in successful authorization rates:

1. Optimized processing from day one

Merchants processing with Braintree have a head start because they’re able to leverage all of our resources, PayPal’s issuer relationships, decades of payments knowledge, and our optimized connections to the schemes from the second they integrate. Every one of our merchants is individually onboarded by our world-class specialists, who offer recommendations throughout the process to ensure accounts are configured for maximum approval rates. Transaction processing is then fine-tuned over time using years of machine training in global ecommerce and best-in-class communication to Visa and Mastercard.

2. Access to one of the world’s first and largest secure vaults

Braintree merchants have access to a comprehensive, flexible ecosystem that includes the largest tokenized vault in the world -- and one that’s always up to date. Through ongoing expansion of our scheme coverage and direct connections with banks and card networks, our merchants have access to the most efficient and largest reach when it comes to updating cards on file. Features like our Account Updater support Visa, Mastercard, and Discover, while our proprietary machine-learning model is always on the lookout for potentially stale cards.

3. Approvals on the first attempt

Not only has Braintree invested in the relationships and industry connections necessary to keep our vault up to date, but we’ve invested in our technology platform to ensure transactions are successful on the first attempt. Our cloud infrastructure reduces checkout latency by up to seconds because it services consumers locally. Our SDKs deliver high-conversion, streamlined credit-card checkouts in addition to trusted and convenient alternative payment methods such as PayPal and Venmo. And built-in redundancies throughout our vast and global network of acquiring and processing partnerships help to ensure that if there’s an outage or technical problem we can route the transaction along an alternate path.

With day-one optimization, the power of our vault, and our first-attempt processing methods, Braintree and PayPal combined are working in the background to ensure that the next time your customer comes to shop, they have a consistent, frictionless experience -- whether it’s for the first time or for a successful repeat purchase.

It has been our obsessive drive to push our platform further and further so that we can continue to offer merchants the best payments platform experience in the market. With more than a decade of experience processing payments and the combined data of Braintree and PayPal, we have been able to reach 200+ countries spanning 265 million customer accounts -- and set up our 22+ million merchants for success by giving them the highest-converting UX and the highest-possible revenue-generating authorization rates.

We also know the work is never done, so as the industry and consumer expectations evolve, we have the tools and team in place to keep configurations updated and optimized so your business can grow and scale anywhere in the world.

Vevina Mcallister Vevina is a Senior Manager and the product lead for Braintree's Commerce organization, which focuses on building value-added services for merchants. More posts by this author

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