Introducing Braintree Auth

At Braintree, we are always looking for innovative ways to drive online commerce forward with and for our merchants and partners. Today we are excited to release Braintree Auth in invite-only Beta in the US, as part of this mission. This product enables Braintree merchants to more easily integrate with Braintree partners by authorizing them to perform services on their behalf -- allowing for actions such as enabling payments on an e-commerce store or accessing transaction data for an analytics or accounting service. This product is already powering payments on some of the largest and most innovative e-commerce platforms, including BigCommerce, WooCommerce, and 3DCart.

"Braintree shares our vision of enabling great e-commerce experiences for retailers all over the world,” said Troy Cox, Senior Product Director at BigCommerce. “With the launch of Braintree Auth, merchants have greater flexibility and more options to efficiently and securely run their businesses."

The major components of Braintree Auth are:

Merchant connect

Partners who want to enable payments for their users or gain access to their transaction data can use Braintree Auth as a familiar way to create those connections.

Using the Connect with Braintree button, our partners’ users can create a new Braintree merchant account or sign in with existing credentials, all in a mobile-optimized, co-branded form. Once completed, credit, debit card, and PayPal payments are instantly enabled, and the user is redirected back to the partner’s site.


During the merchant connect flow, users will grant permission for that partner to access their Braintree merchant account on their behalf. The partner controls what permissions are requested and the authorization is instant.

Cards, PayPal, and OneTouch™

Being part of the PayPal family, PayPal payments are always baked into the merchant connect experience. By default, credit card, debit card, and PayPal are activated for new merchant sign-ups (this includes creating a new PayPal business account, if needed). Our PayPal integration also provides the most up-to-date, in-context Express Checkout experience with PayPal One Touch™ automatically activated.

Alternative payment methods

Once the partner platform is connected with Braintree, merchants have the full power of a Braintree SDK integration available to them. So, on top of cards and PayPal, partners can offer Venmo, Apple Pay, Android Pay, Coinbase, and whatever comes next to their list of checkout innovations. All this can be done with a few simple lines of code, through Braintree’s latest SDK.

Shared Vault

If the partner platform specializes in a certain market segment -- meaning the connected merchants all sell to the same customer base -- the Shared Vault feature can be a powerful tool in boosting that platform’s value by helping checkout conversion. The Shared Vault allows the partner to create a master vault record for all customers buying from their connected merchants.

Check out the docs, and if you’re excited to build on our platform using Braintree Auth and want to request access to the Beta, send us an e-mail at:

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