About Braintree

We help online and mobile businesses around the world accept credit card payments by providing a merchant account, payment gateway, recurring billing and credit card storage.

We’re unlike others in the industry; we think and do things differently, and we're frequently told by our customers that we’re a breath of fresh air.

Our Goals & Aspirations

  1. Build an exceptional company that both we and our customers love.
  2. Be recognized as the best payments provider for developers.
  3. Foster a culture and work environment that's irresistible to the most talented doers.

History & Status

Since our founding in 2007, we’ve focused on building an exceptional company that is guided by enduring principles, creates emulation-worthy products and experiences, and is purposeful and fulfilling for those who devote themselves to our objectives.

We’ve grown faster and accomplished more than we ever thought possible. We’re thrilled to power online and mobile payments for thousands of the fastest growing and most reputable merchants in the world. In 2012, we acquired Venmo, a NY based provider of peer to peer payments, to further transform online and mobile commerce. Then, in 2013, we joined the PayPal family, allowing us to build even bigger and move even faster toward revolutionizing payments. Throughout all this growth, we have been energetically engaged every day in making the company, culture, services and support exceptional.

Team & Talent

The right people make all the difference. It's true in small companies, large companies, government, and everywhere else.

Since starting, our most significant achievement has been getting the right people on our team, and we recognize that our future success depends upon the same. To this end, we hire highly competent builders and creators who care deeply about the quality of their work and what we're collectively building. At Braintree, everyone is responsible for who we are and what we become.


We believe that culture is the totality of values, beliefs, behavior, incentives and organization. It's not created from a company retreat, it doesn't take shape from a vision statement, and it cannot be forced by a "top down" approach. Culture is a living organism and is the summation of all inputs.

What's more, we believe that no cultural foundation will be sustainable and have the critical force to withstand time and change unless it's the preeminent objective and the prerequisite to all other actions. Success will only be achieved when culture becomes habitual, self-reinforced, self-sustaining and frequently refreshed.

We believe that culture is the foundation and primary driver for any organization, and that enduring success requires great vigilance and care by everyone.

Our Anchors

The mind will drift-just like a boat-without the proper anchors. To that end, we put down some anchors meant to be guidelines and principles for a common foundation. They've emerged organically over time, and reflect our philosophy of perpetual self-improvement.

The Braintree Compass

  • Be good, do good.
  • Help others succeed and celebrate their accomplishments.
  • Find reasons to be grateful and express it frequently.
  • Inspire others by being your best.
  • Be quick to empathize and slow to criticize.

The Braintree work ethos

  • Don’t be a monkey. Question everything; don’t rely on assumptions.
  • Use Pareto to aim for the 80 and Parkinson to avoid time traps.
  • Swim in solutions, not problems.
  • There has got to be a better way, let’s figure it out.
  • Provide immediate, honest, and tactful feedback. Let nothing linger.

What we value in each other

  • Self Management: both hands firmly gripped on the steering wheel
  • Ownership: I’ve got it, you don’t need to think about it.
  • Initiative: getting things done without the slightest nudge
  • Virtue: honesty, humility, thoughtfulness, kindness, and appreciation.
  • Problem solving: nothing that can’t be solved
  • Team work: we before I.

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